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TYPHOON 4×4 is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle / MRAP which is used primarily as a mounted infantry troop carrier and ground support vehicle for dismounted troops and can be easily configured as a command-and-control vehicle, medical evacuation platform, or as a forward observation platform (FOO).


COBRA-LAMV is intended for law enforcement and paramilitary branches for the transportation of troops in hostile environments. The CEN 1522 FB6 level protection, COBRA is designed to offer an ideal combination of protection, mobility, and payload, the compact size and mobility make the COBRA suitable for urban environments as well as semi-rural operations.


SCORPION APC is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle that has been designed for tactical response teams and can be configured for a multitude of military applications. The advanced V Shape Hull design of the SCORPION incorporates a high ground clearance and acute turning circle, allowing for superior off-road capability.


FIONA 6×6 is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected / MRAP suitable for use as a military urban patrol vehicle and medium to heavy rural terrain platform. The vehicle incorporates advanced protection features and offers superior off-road mobility with an integral tire inflation system.


Today’s uncertain world, with volatile political situations and a growing trend of mass protest movements, has heightened the need for a way of delivering non-lethal control techniques to manage civil disorder.