Airstar chose to fulfill its destiny of living its inventions… Yes, we look up to the sky and the stars because we love our dreams and we empower ourselves to carry them out. We want to contribute to build a better future, thanks to our daring and our taste of innovation. Airstar is world leader in designing and producing inflatable technologies for all industries from lighting to aerospace or architecture. We create all shapes and sizes of lighting balloons, electric airships, thermal insulation for satellites, lighting heating inventions, domes that inflate in a blink of an eye, balloons for the forests, and so much more.


2-M 2x1000w

Application examples  :

  • Temporary site lighting
  • Lighting at night
  • Mobile lighting
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Aeronautical lighting
  • Emergency lighting: fire lighting, SDIS lighting, gendarmerie lighting, police lighting, armed lighting, etc.

Self-inflating balloon lighting :

  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Effective : Diffuse strong and soft light with halogen lamps.
  • Versatile : Use on a pole placed on the ground or on board any type of equipment.
  • Lightweight : Packed in a pretty little box to be transported by car.
  • The ball Ballon 90 cm in diameter. Auto inflated by an internal fan. The tubular envelope offers better light diffusion.
  • Quick and easy installation : The balloon inflates and lights in 45 seconds. Installation in 5 minutes by one person.
  • Safety and reliability : IP54 Ball. Fabric according to EN60695-2-11. Innovative safety system by pressure switch.



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